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The objectives of NASASV are:

  • To co-ordinate the sharing of information, skills and resources between services and state networks on all aspects of service provision and co-ordination.
  • To assist governments in developing policies for building safer communities.
  • To lobby and negotiate with Commonwealth, State and Territory governments, government departments and other relevant organisations on issues of common concern to sexual assault service providers and those who are affected by sexual violence.
  • To promote an understanding of sexual violence in the context of gender and power relations.
  • To promote equity of access to services for all survivors of sexual violence, recognising that women and children are the most predominant survivors of such violence, paying particular attention to those most marginalised on the basis of their race, culture, gender, disability, age, language, sexual orientation and geographic location.
  • To promote community awareness of sexual violence and its personal and social consequences at a state, national and international level and to support and facilitate the community education and community development role of services at a local level.
  • To undertake research relating to service provision for survivors of sexual violence.
  • To provide information on training developments and resources to services and to promote high quality training and skills development for workers through liaison with relevant national and state training bodies and participation in the development of accredited training.
  • To monitor the range and diversity of service models and promote, through the development of best practice models, the best possible services for survivors.
  • To organise and facilitate national meetings, conferences and seminars.
  • To undertake any other activities necessary to fulfil the purpose of the organisation.